Monday, January 11, 2010

Halkidiki Greece

Halkidiki is the most original Macedonian region of Northern Greece. It is separated into three peninsulas: Cassandra, Sithonia and Mt Athos. There are two monumental mountains Mt Holomon and Mt Stratonikos. The regions soil is famous for its mineral wealth, known since antiquity for its manganese, cooper, iron, pyrite, bauxite and magnesite mines, as well as its hot springs with healing properties, such as that of Agia Paraskevi. Petralona Cave, known throughout the world, is worth visiting for its paleontological interest. There are numerous sites in the broader region of the Municipality, offering stunning findings and exhibits. Among them are: Ancient Acanthos, Mendi, Olynthos, Ancient Stagira and Ancient Toroni. The beaches of Halkidiki are captivativing, with their green-blue waters and wonderful find sand, rich vegetation and clean seas, many of which have been receiving a Blue Flag award every year. The region meets the needs of even the most demanding visitors, with its traditional hamlets and cosmopolitan holiday resorts with vibrant nightlife.
Accommodation is comfortable and pleasant, allowing visitors to choose between hotel complexes and units, furnished apartments, rented rooms, picturesque inns and organized camping sites. There are countless choises for fans of water sports, mountaineering, hiking and cycling. Holidays in Halkidiki provide a cosmopolitan atmosphere, natural beauty and picturesque serenity.

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