Saturday, January 8, 2011

Las Vegas Strip Boulevard

There is plenty to see and experience along the most spectacular street in world: the Las Vegas Strip. Some of the world’s largest hotels dominate the skyline, while legendary attractions perform for pedestrians. Without a doubt, there is no other street like it in the world.
Once known solely for twinkling lights and big names on big marquees, the Strip is now famous for grand facades, dazzling light displays, elaborate fountains, choreographed attractions and heart-pounding thrill rides.
Beginning on the southern end of the Strip, you will find Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur. These three resort properties spare no expense in keeping with their themes.
Mandalay Bay uses thousands of palm trees to lend to its tropical flavor, as well as an exhilarating opportunity to state eye-to-eye with sharks at Shark Reef.
Luxor’s pyramid shape, obelisk and Sphinx create an Egyptian wonderland while the spotlight emanating from the tip is the brightest man-made light in the world.
Only a few steps away from this stunning pyramid lies a fire-breathing dragon, the centerpiece of the moat at Excalibur, a Las Vegas style royal kingdom.
Farther up Las Vegas Boulevard you’ll find the world’s largest hotel, MGM Grand (best known for its superstar entertainment), Aladdin and New York-New York Hotel and Casino. Constructed to mirror the New York City skyline, New York-New York also features the Manhattan Express Roller Coaster, an exciting thrill ride that loops dives and races around the skyline.
Beyond The City of Entertainment and The Greatest City in Las Vegas lies Bellagio and Paris Las Vegas. The dancing fountains in front of Bellagio have quickly become a favorite among visitors. At times propelling water 240 feet into the air, the fountains produce an elegantly choreographed display that leaves millions of Las Vegas visitors breathless.
Cross from Bellagio’s lake and fountains is a half-replica of the Eiffel Tower, the centerpiece of Paris Las Vegas. Visitors can take a trip to the top of the tower for a beautiful view of the vibrant colors and amazing facades of the Strip.
Beyond this elegant stretch of the Strip you will find Caesars Palace and The Mirage, which features one of Las Vegas’ most legendary attractions: the Volcano. Every few minutes, this mountain of cascading fountains begins to rumble with anticipation. Soon after it erupts with pillars of fire and plumes of smoke in a dazzling spectacle.
Next door to The Mirage Treasure Island and the palm-encircled cove of Buccaneer Bay. Every 90 minutes after dusk, the serene bay turns into a swashbuckling brawl. Pirates and sailors wage a full-scale battle, complete with explosions and firing cannons. Across the street in The Venetian, an upscale resort that brings the soul of Venice to the heart of Las Vegas.
What Las Vegas experience would be complete without an eagle’s eye view of the whole spectacle? At the northern end of the Strip, the Stratosphere Tower not only offers this, but also fine dining and the world’s highest thrill rides.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg. However long it takes for you to experience it, no visit to Las Vegas is complete without a trip down the Strip.

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