Monday, June 29, 2009


Thessaloniki is a modern city with the population of 1.000.000 inhabitants. It is the second largest city in Greece with a history dated back to 2.300 years. Thos cosmopolitan city offers a varied mix of trendy shops and waterfront cafes, a real delight for shoppers. Tsimiski Street is the main shopping area consisting of many well known named shops and large shopping malls.
At the main square of the city, Aristotelis Square you will come across many artists and side stalls where you can purchase a variety of handicrafts.
And for those wanting more than shopping there is the opportunity to take in the historical sights of the city. There is the chance to see White Tower (the symbol of the city), the Galerius Arch, the Rotonda Monument, the Citadel and ancient city walls from where you are presented with a panoramic view of the city spread out before you. There is placed Byzantine Church of Saint Dimitrios the patron saint of Thessaloniki.

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