Sunday, March 22, 2009

Paxi Island – Greece

The Island of Paxi, having a big mythology, is bathing, like another Venus, just very close to Corfu, in the Ionian Sea.
Paxi is an island full of natural beauties, capturing any visitor. Saint Nikolas castle, Madonna’s cloister on the homonym island, Erimitis, Karama, Ypapanti, Ellinospita, Ortholithos, Graves, Ahai, the Museum, the Gallery, the Mills, the Basins, the Lighthouses, Vatoumi, Vrika are some of the sightseeing the visitor may enjoy.
Paxi is an island full of olive trees, its population survived for centuries on this blessed tree, which used to be not only a source of living but also a mean for development and evolution. Today, tourism is the major source of income at Paxi local economy.
Now on, transport from and to Corfu and Igoumenitsa is daily. Among the island’s customs which survive until today are: the stock on 15th of August, which is distributed for free on the small island of Madonna Koulouma at Lakka with pagan dances and songs, the First Resurrection at Saint Giakoumo of Fountana, where they hit regularly the pews, the Processions after Easter, Labates of Sent John etc.
Certainly the island offers many enjoyable choices and the visitor shall be fully satisfied.

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Earl John said...

This is a great island and lots of tourist attraction and destinations, travelers will certainly satisfied with their visit here. Thanks for sharing this very informative post and hope to witness the beauty and know some interesting culture of the place.