Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Florida Keys & Key West

The life in the keys of Florida is different in any other place with the rest of the world. The keys have their own system of the rules, which require elimination of hard realities, the concerns, the residences and any thing of the cold life distance. Here, you can be slackened and hardly be. The keys of Florida are a chain of islands which separate Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, therefore the water is principal attraction here. A coral-red vein confines the chain kilometer-coward of the island 193, by forming the sanctuary national marine of the keys of Florida and by creating the incredible occasions for the snorkelers and the plungers of equipment of deep-sea diving. One amble in the middle of the Christ submerged of the deep statue coast outside in the park of state of the coral-red vein Juan Pennekamp in the dominant Length, and between tropical Tortugas Sea and fish in the dry national park of Tortugas, a scenic walk of the boat of Key West. The hundreds of fish species swim in water of the keys, therefore fishing is a popular sport here. Some of retunes coveted of water backcountry include the bonefish, the sheep head, which are madders and the shook. For more adventure, fishing at sea major charges crossed coast outside for the mahi-mahi, the tuna, which is simple and the marlin. The letters of fishing abound through the keys. For the families, to see dolphins it is one of the larger emotions. In much of places in the keys, the visitors can cherish, be embraced, swim and including painting with these creatures untamable. The programs of the meeting of the dolphin are available in the research centre of the dolphin in marathon, the theatre of the sea in Islamorada and in handle of the dolphin, the dolphin more and the care of the dolphin of the island in dominant length. Out of ground, the keys are also full with fauna. The hammock of the point of the crane in marathon and national refuge dominating of the stags in large key of the pine has easy, scenic tracks of senders. In Estes last, the visitors can see the tiny stags white-attaches for which it is named, especially over the hours of paddle and of the afternoon. The refuge and all the keys are also at house with a large variety of room and the migratory birds, including pelican’s chestnut, nice of the mangrove, eagle’s bald people, grazes and several birds coastal. Biking is another great manner of seeing the flora and fauna buildings. That is the manner as much the islanders obtain around in Key West. A bikeway paved which starts in the end of the south of the marathon is parallel to the bridge of the slept-Mille and carries to the key of the dove, a historical village of the way of iron-building. Many tourist centers and bicycles of the rent of the business to explore the ways and the easy, plane traces of the keys of Florida. The keys very offer historical buildings and museums to the galleries of art, single stores and at the restaurants where to mollusks and shellfish they go directly from the ocean to silver plate. Key West one of the first cities of Florida, is the center of the historical keys and the cultural scene. In and around old city, the visitors they can travel a museum of art, a museum of the pirate, the house of Ernest Hemingway and a greenhouse of the butterfly. Interpretative arts are wide of night theatre of the street in the theatre of Mallory to more conventional theatres. Galleries and the stores of art of the old city offer the entire fine jeweler to the sandals, the cigars, the barks and the memories. In top and under the road 1, which functions with the length of the keys, the purchasers will find local art; will shell art, of the stores of that zambullida and shops of the center-style. A variety of restaurants abound around the island and along the line of coast. The specialties include the Fritos emparedados of what is simple, broad beans black and Cuban rice, fritters of the shell, hogfish roasted to the papilla, pie of dominant lime and the daisies. The night life is quiet and occasional but celebrates entertainment. There is to make so much in the keys of Florida which you will not want to sleep. But when you must, the options for comfort include the charming old pensions of the bed-and-breakfast of the town of Key West, tourist centers of luxury of the abundance-service, motels charmers, fishing places and family-have classified of the houses of beach of rent. No matter that you choose, the keys of Florida will create to him the sensation in the country in paradise.

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